Saturday, November 24, 2018

Fake mask falls

She entered into a room full of fake faces,
Though she thought a few of the them are real and precious,
But soon mask falls
It took her time to realize these were them she thought would be precious,
Day by day she saw every new character,
Though they thought she is not aware,
All of them who claim to be friends,
One who claims to be a little brother,
And some who claim to be close friends,
But soon she realized they were the one who talk behind her back,
She was shattered earlier,
But now she really don't care...

                                        ~Lily (Lalita)

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Cancer affects the whole family

Cancer, The day we knew you have cancer it felt like strong thunder,
We all are hiding what happened to you ,
We all told soon you will be fine it's just a little internal body blunder,
All were pretending nothing happened,
I saw how mom hide all th feelings during the calls
After every call she cries,
I saw everyday her hope dies,
I collect her pieces told her not to cry and let not her hope die,
The failure of your treatments growing the fear in your loved ones,
The day has came when you knew what happened to you,
You broken apart,
Your all senses became numb,
No Hopes left in you,
Everyday you are dying just like waiting for the death bed,
This is something which is not just fearing you but fearing us too,
Everyday we are lighting little Hopes in you,
When new treatments started working,
And you started recovering,
Our hopes touches the pinnacle
We are believing very soon you will be fine,
But after the chemotherapy your body ups and downs really scare us,
Yesterday In the hospital the moment I saw you,
I can not describe what I felt about you,
Haven't sleep whole night just thinking about you,
It seems it's just the body and life already died in you,
But we still saw the hopes of life
Don't fear we all are here
One day you will be fine,
All the pain will die and your life will shine.

~ Lily (Lalita)

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Seashore

Standing upon the seashore
Feeling the power to conquer,

The wave slowly moving
Touching my feet it's so soothing,

The breeze playing the nature's rhythm
I could feel the tremendous freedom,

I can see the birds flying so high
 Felt the sudden changes in the sky,

The blue clouds turn black
Strong, noisy thunder attack,

Gloating the lightening as it's thunder's props
Suddenly clouds releasing those tiny rain drop,

Wetting and feeling the rains greet
Charming waves touching my feet,

Still standing upon the seashore
Feeling the nature's touch in my deep heart's core.