Friday, August 2, 2019

Peace of mind

Just need a peace of mind,
A place of divine,
Where weather and nature plays rhyme,
Which makes me feel all the surroundings are mine,
No chaos, no noise,
Just nature and its magical voice,
Let my eyes stuck on those beautiful cascades,
This is something people wait since decades,
Fragrance of freshness
Rejoice my soul, 
Knocks my heart ; asks why you are falling apart?
Some how I get the courage to open up,
No one to interrupt,
Finally I say it all,
No fear, no tear
A calmness and thoughts all clear,
Don't want to go back,
Just want to sit and relax,
Imagining this place of divine gets me my peace of mind...


Friday, May 24, 2019

Elder Brother a Bliss...

Just want to let you know 
how much I love you,
When I look at you
I feel what I will do without you, 
you are the one who never betray me
you are the one who always stay with me,
our childhood memories
precious glories,
Whether I need a protection or a support
you always stood by,
I always  call you by your name 
But you never ever complain,
You are not just an elder brother 
You are my bestie and friends forever,
So comfortable with you to speak my heart out
With you there is nothing to feel hide about, 
worst days passed by,
 I can't deny,
I can't have a better elder brother than you 
You are a bliss for me , I really owe my life to you.