Monday, September 4, 2017

Remembering Dad

Lying on bed,
Remembering moments with Dad,
All the childhood stories,
our wonderful memories,

Your all those riddles,
It was really hard to crack those puzzles,
Oh, those wonderful chess matches,
In cricket my sixes and catches,

It was really fun to do things together,
Playing games, Watching movies,
Early morning walks,
Specially walking on the grass which has rain drops,

Helping in my studies,
Teaching me how to play badminton,
How to ride a cycle,
How to drive a bike,
So many memories which strike,

You may not with us,
But your teachings,
Your struggles,
Your success,
Made me believe problems are temporary
When it ends there is a light and glory,

You are not with us for that I feel sad,
But I learnt life goes on dad...


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